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Controlled Atmosphere Storage

Optimize fruit and vegetable quality with Controlled Atmosphere (CA) storage. CA slows down physiological processes, extending storage life by creating a protective atmosphere.

Besseling's PSA nitrogen generators swiftly remove oxygen, preserving vital nutrients for optimal quality. Explore CA storage solutions below. Explore CA storage solutions by clicking the button below:


Natural Fumigation / Disinfestation / Pest Control

Insects are a pest for commodities. By decreasing the level of oxygen in a gastight, temperature controlled store a mortality rate of 100% can be achieved. This treatment is lethal, non-toxic and does not have a negative influence on the treated product itself.

Controlled Atmosphere disinfestation is suitable for:
✔ cocoa;
✔ tobacco;
✔ soja;
✔ rice;
✔ grain;
✔ and many other commodities.

The efficacy of the treatment is depending on physical factors such as gas concentration, temperature and relative humidity. There are also biological factors such as insect species, strain and development stage. Besseling masters these conditions and can help you in design and implementation of the essential components.

Hypoxic Fire Prevention

Fire, the nightmare of every business. There is no sadder sight than the smoldering remains of what used to be your storehouse or archive. Of course you take precautions. You store flammable materials separately and of course you have fire extinguishers to hand.

However, danger is never far away… Unless you remove the most important factor: oxygen. Without oxygen, a fire simply cannot get started. By reducing oxygen to a level at which combustion is impossible – a perfect and proven alternative to sprinkler systems and/or compartmentalization of large storage facilities. Examples are:
✔ Freezer and cold storage facilities;
✔ Telecommunications and computer rooms;
✔ Storage of hazardous substances such as fireworks, munitions, gas cylinders, etc;
✔ Archives & museums.

The Besseling PSA nitrogen generator combined with a measurement and control system (ACS) is the perfect solution. The measurement and control system also provides the required level of safety thanks to alarms based on thresholds which can be set by the user.

Cultural Heritage

Cultural & artistic heritage can be preserved/protected against insect infestations and other threats by low oxygen treatment. The artifacts, books, precious paintings, classic cars, etc. will be placed in a gas tight room in which the atmosphere will be controlled by a Besseling ACS system. The Besseling PSA nitrogen generator will replace the oxygen presence by nitrogen during the entire treatment.

A Low oxygen treatment is a natural treatment – No oxygen, no life.

Food & Beverages

Blanket, flush, sparge, transfer, dispense. To exclude air while doing any of these things to beverages, you can use an inert gas. Just about everyone has seen or heard of an inert gas system at a winery, but most home winemakers don’t have one yet. Nitrogen is an inert gas which can easily be produced on-site by a Besseling PSA nitrogen generator.

Modified atmosphere packaging, MAP, is a technology that has been developed to ensure that packaged food products stay fresh and attractive for as long as possible. To package a product in a modified atmosphere requires sophisticated machinery to flush out air from the packaging chamber and replace it with a different gas (nitrogen) or precisely defined mixture of gases, then seal the product in the packaging so that only the modified atmosphere surrounds the product and not any other unwanted gas.

High Altitude / Hypoxic Training

High altitude training is practiced by some endurance athletes, preferably over 2400 metres above sea level, though more commonly at intermediate altitudes due to the availability of suitable high-altitude locations. At intermediate altitudes, the air still contains approximately 20.9% oxygen, but the barometric pressure and thus the partial pressure of oxygen is reduced.

Depending very much on the protocols used, the body may acclimate to the relative lack of oxygen in one or more ways such as increasing the mass of red blood cells and hemoglobin, or altering muscle metabolism. When such athletes then travel to competitions at lower altitudes they will still have a higher concentration of red blood cells for 10–14 days, and this gives them a competitive advantage.

Altitude training can be simulated through use of an high altitude simulation room, where the barometric pressure is kept the same, but the oxygen content is reduced which also reduces the partial pressure of oxygen.


Many industries store liquids in storage tanks or vessels. When the storage material comes in contract with oxygen, the substance can oxidise and degrade, or potentially creates a hazardous situation. Nitrogen blanketing is widely used in many industries in order to prevent fires, explosion, or degradation of products during their production, storage, and/or transport.

Nitrogen blanketing is a process of introducing the most effective inert gas; nitrogen, to a storage tank to eliminate the effects of oxygen on the liquid. When purging a tank with niitrogen, the storage vessel material does not come in contact with the oxygen. Besseling ACS and a Besseling PSA nitrogen generator will control the atmosphere above a combustible or flammable liquid and avoid potentially hazardous conditions.

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