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Besseling Nitrogen


Mattei rotary vane compressors are designed for both performance & value and can be used in a variety of applications, including those in the automotive, manufacturing, and energy industries. These machines are available as a base-mounted package or can be mounted onto an air receiver tank. All Mattei compressors are equipped with a compression unit without bearings, automatic control load off/load on, engine efficiency and standard capacitive controls that are easily adapted to different requirements.

The Mattei Series ERC compressors combine efficiency and superior performance.

  • Excellent Reliability: Thanks to Mattei’s unique design, there is no wear on the compressor’s moving mechanical parts—this means you are assured that your machine will be as reliable after 50,000 working hours as it was after 500 working hours. In fact, many of our customers receive up 100,000 hours of service out of our innovative compressors.
  • Maximum Efficiency: With a direct-coupled compressor and motor, a slow rotational speed, and a design that ensures low oil volume and consumption, these compressors are built for maximum efficiency.
  • Environmentally Friendly: The Mattei Series ERC compressors holds less than half of the lubricant of a typical screw compressor, meaning that you will help protect the environment while saving on both oil changes and disposal costs.

With the Mattei Series ERC compressors, you’re guaranteed excellent performance and excellent efficiency, ensuring that you get a machine that lasts for the long run.

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